SPIELART 2011 18.11. – 4.12.
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world premiere
Angelika Fink, Bülent Kullukcu
Der Aufprall
22.11. | 20:30 - 22:30
Schwere Reiter
23.11. | 20:30 - 22:30
Schwere Reiter
Entrance € 15,00
Reduced € 9,00
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PATHOS Munich at SPIELART 2011

Çarpma is the appraisal of an intercultural encounter between Istanbul and Munich/Berlin. The project traces the phenomena of cultural duplication. For this project, three respective performers from each country will swap their apartments with the apartments of three other performers, and thus also swap their living environments. They will be confronted with the requirement to represent the other person with their foreign, cultural, vocational, and personal background as good as possible. The participating artists will make their own decisions regarding the degree and intensity of their confrontations, as well as the type and extent of the research materials that they accumulate and document. Following the first mutual inspection and classification of the material, themes will crystallize and then examined and condensed. A live performance based on the very personal perceptions and experiences of the participating performers will evolve.


A trip across the area and along Dachauerstraße.

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artistic directors: Angelika Fink, Bülent Kullukcu with: Anastasia Papadopoulou, Angelika Krautzberger, Christoph Theußl, Ipek Türktan, Murat Garipağaoğlu, Çağlar Yiğitoğulları dramturgy: Tuncay Acar music: Dominik Obalski stage and costumes: Mirella Oestreicher, Franzi Keuner video and documentation: Antonia Schwarz produciton management: Christina Müller, Katrin Dollinger light design: Tom Friedl PR PATHOS: Susanne Boscher organization PATHOS: Kai Schmidt

Angelika Fink has been the director of Pathos München since 2010. She lives and works in Munich as a freelance actress and performer. Before that, she studied psychology and sociology at the University of Graz, and she graduated with a degree in acting from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. She has done numerous projects at Pathos München, performances at festivals and as a guest performer at, among others, Münchner Kammerspiele; Stadttheater Trier; Hebbeltheater; Landestheater Tübingen (LTT); Staatstheater Karlsruhe; steirischer herbst Graz; SPIELART Munich / Teatr Cinema / HAU Berlin; and Sophiensäle Berlin. She has appeared in films and on television, conducted readings, and performed in radio plays and on radio. She founded the independent group Theater & Company/PATHOS transport theater in Munich in 2000.


Bülent Kullukcu (b. 1971), born in Bavaria, is a director, actor, musician and visual artist. A native of Munich, he has produced numerous national and international music projects (for example, B. Generation Aldi; Hart of Noise; Naquob; Electric Lounge Orchestra; and The Mistake Man) as part of the club and festival culture scenes (among others, Donaueschingen; Le Lieu Unique in Nantes; and Exit Festival Paris). He works as a stage musician for, among others, productions at Prinzregententheater; Schauspielhaus Luzern; and independent theater productions. Kullukcu has composed film music and written radio plays (for, among others, Bayerischer Rundfunk and Westdeustcher Rundfunk), produced numerous sound installations for museums, as well as many vinyl and CD releases on various labels. In 2007 this artist received the award for best film music at the international competition of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival for his score to Nikias Chryssos' film HOCHHAUS ("High Rise") (2006). In 2008 he was nominated for the distinction of newcomer director of the year in the almanac of the magazine Theaterheute.

+Production and realization

PATHOS München in cooperation with Byzantion Reloaded, Steirische Kulturinitiative, dramagraz and SPIELART Festival (München)