SPIELART 2011 18.11. – 4.12.
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Festival is over

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Mapa Teatro
Los Santos Inocentes
Festival of Innocent Children
29.11. | 21:00 - 22:10
Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal
30.11. | 19:00 - 20:10
Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal
Entrance € 15,00
Reduced € 9,00
tickets online

No festival without an enemy is the strange motto of a street festival that takes place annually on December 28 in Guapí, a small city on the Pacific coast of Columbia: the "Festival of Innocent Children." Originally celebrated in the entire region of Latin America in memory of the massacre of the innocent children in Bethlehem, it has developed into a brutal carnival in a region of pristine forests and riverscapes inhabited by Afro-Colombians, a region plagued by drug wars, paramilitary massacres and a guerilla war. As part of a staged birthday celebration in Guapí, live marimba music is presented along with disturbing video recordings of the celebration and of self-incriminations on the part of the inhuman paramilitary.


In Spanish with German subtitles


Artist talk:

November 29th

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text and concept: Heidi Abderhalden, Rolf Abderhalden with: Heidi Abderhalden, Andres Castañeda, Julian Díaz, Santiago Sepúlveda, Claudia Torres live-music: Genaro Torres research: Martha Ruíz sound design: Juan Ernesto Díaz video camera: Lucas Maldonado, Heidi Abderhalden video cutting: Heidi Abderhalden, Luis Antonio Delgado, Sant live-video: Ximena Vargas light: Arno Truschinski stage: Rolf Abderhalden, Santiago Sepúlveda stage director: Pierre Henri stage props Jose Ignacio Rincón dramaturgy: Matthias Pees production.: Ximena Vargas, Jose Ignacio Rincón
+Production and realization
production: Mapa Teatro (Bogotá) in coproduction with HAU /Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)
realization: In cooperation with HAU/Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), Instituto Cervantes (Munich), sponsered by Goethe Institut.