SPIELART 2011 18.11. – 4.12.
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Miriam Althammer | 05.12.2011

Festival is over

Tilmann Broszat, Leiter des Festivals:„Spielart ist so jung wie nie, das konn... more


Miriam Althammer | 04.12.2011

Laboratorische Gemeinschaften

Fast drei Wochen lang war DO TANK das Labor des Festivals. Internationale Kü... more


Miriam Althammer | 02.12.2011

You take what you want from Theatre

If you need to deconstruct something to the point of kitty litter then please... more



"World Bank" or "world revolution"? Furious citizen? Freedom fighter? Environmental activist? The approaches to the grand, old social utopias have become difficult nowadays. One hears that the world and its problems are too networked and too complex that they cannot be described or approached using the vocabularies of the 19th and 20th centuries – which are laden with ideology. The continuing emphasis is that the current problems involving the environment, population, poverty, and health can only be managed by active global policies. And yet the political attempts to repair the more and more obvious collateral damage of economical and technological progress appear to be increasingly helpless. The bank crisis and the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico were yesterday, the threat of bankrupt countries and the collapsing Japanese nuclear power plant Fukushima are today. They have become allegories for the impossibility of dealing with global crises in a timely manner. Forty years after the Club of Rome report "The Limits to Growth," there are more and more indications that the mantra of technical and economic progress as a solution or universal remedy has turned out to be today a mere myth of an epoch that appears to be coming to an end. SOCIAL FICTIONS invites artists and scientists to contemplate other options, new ideas, and "old" traditions on three Sundays.



11:00 - 19:00 | Akademietheater im Prinzregententheater
The crisis of expertise
11:00 Time Armin Nassehi :: Expertentum – die Ästhetik der Krise
12:00 Time Stefan Kaegi with Sidigullah Fadai :: Ex-Experten
13:00 Time Janez Janša :: NAME Readymade
14:00 Time Monika Gintersdorfer with Skelly :: Les illetrés
15:00 Time Günter Küppers :: Neues aus der Küche – von der experimentellen Vernunft der Küche
16:00 Time Toshiki Okada :: The change that happened to me and Japan’s society
17:00 Time Kenichi Mishima :: Tragikomödie der Expertokratie
18:00 Time Shuddhabrata Sengupta :: Theatre in the Archive

Expertise do not function because the spoken or written sentences an expertise contains are true or are actually correct, but rather because... more

11:00 - 19:00 | Akademietheater im Prinzregententheater
Forms of protest / furious citizens / social movements
11:00 Time Wu Wenguang :: Memory: Hunger – Protest Amnesia through documentary and theatre
12:00 Time Klaus Zehelein :: presentation is canceled
13:00 Time Hans-Werner Krösinger :: Why it’s fun to be an expert for yesterday’s news
14:00 Time Sanja Mitrovic :: Theatre as the existing - theatre as the possible
15:00 Time Dieter Rucht :: Expressive und symbolic aspects of new protest forms
16:00 Time Albert Ostermaier :: Presentation is canceled
17:00 Time Paula-Irene Villa :: Körereinsatz: Feminismus zwischen Pop und Porno
18:00 Time Rabih Mroué :: Image till victory?

in English and German language


... more
11:00 - 19:00 | Akademietheater im Prinzregententheater
New communities / criticism of the concept of community
11:00 Time Yael Bartana :: We shall be strong in our weakness
12:00 Time Matteo Pasquinelli :: The insurrection of the knowledge society
13:00 Time Sophie Wolfrum :: Hier
14:00 Time Laila Soliman :: Knock knock knock until you die... no time for art?
15:00 Time Ursula Biemann :: Extraterritorial Communities
16:00 Time Friedrich Wilhelm Graf :: Religion als Vergemeinschaftung
17:00 Time Jan Ritsema :: Can you imagine: if this, then no longer, that?
18:00 Time Hans-Thies Lehmann & Helene Varopoulou :: Geminschaften des Bruchs - oder was haben Bourriaud, Rancière und Agamben dem Theater zu sagen? Ein Duo-Vortrag

In English and German language


Program will be updated.

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