SPIELART 2011 18.11. – 4.12.
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Miriam Althammer | 05.12.2011

Festival is over

Tilmann Broszat, Leiter des Festivals:„Spielart ist so jung wie nie, das konn... more


Miriam Althammer | 04.12.2011

Laboratorische Gemeinschaften

Fast drei Wochen lang war DO TANK das Labor des Festivals. Internationale Kü... more


Miriam Althammer | 02.12.2011

You take what you want from Theatre

If you need to deconstruct something to the point of kitty litter then please... more



Tremendous success for SPIELART 2011

The theater festival - by now the ninth SPIELART festival – once again declared Munich to be the center of contemporary international theater for 17 days. Over 200 artists from 17 countries presented a dazzling program and enticed approximately 9,000 people to flock to more than 100 performances. Some of these performances were enthusiastically received, but also were the subject of fierce debates. The audiences unanimously agreed that SPIELART presented a program again that operated extraordinarily close to the pulse of our times, in a density and quality normally not seen in Munich.

Tilmann Broszat, director of the festival: "SPIELART is younger than ever before. Completely new aspects and perspectives are emerging from the networks that are being persistently established for years now. There are guests who have been faithful to us for many years and help to continuously shape the image of this festival. SPIELART is an organism, which constantly renews itself on a stable foundation."


Something is different: Our feeling is it's unusual that the world has been so radically stirred up between two SPIELART festivals. Whereas during SPIELART 2009 we were unexpectedly discussing the economic crisis, in the meantime the oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the revolution in the Arabian world, and the events in Japan and Norway are keeping us in suspense ... more