SPIELART 2011 18.11. – 4.12.
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Daisuke Miura | potudo-ru
Castle of Dreams
19.11. | 19:00 - 20:10
i-camp/ Neues Theater München
20.11. | 20:30 - 21:40
i-camp/ Neues Theater München
21.11. | 21:00 - 22:10
i-camp/ Neues Theater München
22.11. | 20:30 - 21:40
i-camp/ Neues Theater München
Entrance € 15,00
Reduced € 9,00
tickets online

To Daisuke Miura, "words are always only ways to escape." Consequently, he bans language from CASTLE OF DREAMS. The extremely productive author, film and theater director put eight young persons behind a glass pane in an apartment crammed full of items, and they don't do anything else but watch television, cook noodles, drink beer from cans, play video games, and have sex again and again, in every variation. Saturated boredom and a lack of prospects do not allow any space for stories and emotions. Even the noise of a pack of cigarettes someone puts back down on a table, or the sound of a toilet flushing, appears to be an event. All of this seems to be coincidental and unintentional, and yet every second is choreographed.



Artist talk:

November 20th,

Moderation: Sophie Becker (SPIELART)


Cool Japan

November 21st, 7.p.m.,

BMW Lehnbachplatz

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text and direction: Daisuke Miura with : Ryotaro Yonemura, Yusuke Furusawa, Kotaro Inoue, Hideaki Washio, Kento Ogura, Runa Endo, Megumi Nitta, Yoshiko Miyajima stage manager: Tomohiro Yokoo light: Takashi Ito, Akiyo Kushida sound design: Yoshihiro Nakamura stage: Toshie Tanaka movie operator: Masato Tamaki stage props: Michiyo Ohashi production: Kyoko Kinoshita coordinator: Fumiko Toda

Daisuke Miura was born in Hokkaido in 1975. He is a playwright and director leading the theater unit potsudo-ru formed by members of the 10th class of the Waseda University Drama Club.

In a break with the extremely dramatic play of the unit´s early years, Miura changed to a style that avoided drama as much as possible in favor of a semi-documentary style that sought a high level of reality. That style has further progress to the current one that skillfully works a documentary touch into drama to achieve a style that creates ‘fiction with reality‘. Miura’s play AI NO UZU (LOVE’S WHIRLPOOL) won the 50th Kishida Drama Award (2005) after premiering in 2005 as potsudo-ru’s 13th production.

+Production and realization
production: potudo-ru (Tokio)
realization: kindly supported by the Japanese Ministry of Culture